Contemporary Furniture from HOOKLundSTOOL

HOOKLundSTOOL is a new manufacturer and editor of contemporary design furniture and objects. Each item they make exudes style and their attention to detail is phenomenal. That’s because each piece is handmade and if you were to stand two of the same pieces side by side, you would see slight variations and imperfections (but I would call them “perfections”) that show that every item is exclusive in its own way. That’s partly because the materials used are all natural (and therefore subject to minor natural variations in texture and look) and because the craftsman brings his or her own individuality to each piece.
HOOKLundSTOOL are a relatively new manufacturer and editor of contemporary design furniture and objects. But they are already making waves and a name for themselves. Who is at the helm of this particular style ship? The company was founded by Serbian-born Aleksandar Ugresic. He trained as a pharmacist but he had a deep and innate love of design. This convinced him to pursue his passion for furniture design. He joined forces with Croatian designer Zoran Jedrejcic, the other designer behind the brand and together the pair develop the designs for the furniture collections which are aimed at the high end, residential and contract markets. But that’s not to say that their prices are unreasonable given the time and effort put into each item.
The HOOKLundSTOOL philosophy is to combine artisanal craftsmanship with contemporary designs using both traditional crafts and innovative techniques, mixing solid wood – walnut, elm, cherry, pear and acacia – with metal, glass, leather, fur, upholstery and concrete. That’s a heady combination of course, but that is the skill of the designers. Concrete? Really?? Yes. That’s the shock of the new- but their pieces are not brutal industrial heartless slabs of cold statement that turn most people off. Their pieces are warm and homely, and one can see the time and trouble (and love?) that has gone into the production of the company’s furniture.
Their catalogue includes seating, tables, and occasional furniture. Let’s look at one particular collection. The Armada collection is designed by Zoran Jedrejcic and is inspired by the colossal fleet that (almost) conquered the world- the mighty Spanish Armada of the 17th century. It features a high armchair, chaise longue, foot rest stool and coffee table. What is great is that you can choose your own wood. Solid of course- no veneers here! So you can select from elm, walnut, cherry or pear. The seat covering can be made from high quality leather or fur. The choice is yours. The upholstery is removable, and it can be double-sided, made for hot/warm climates or hand woven on request.
With such attention to detail, it is not surprising that you are likely to want this furniture to be around in your home for a long time. And it will be- there’s a ten year guarantee on the furniture.
So if you want to just have one signature piece in a particular room in your home, or if you have the inclination to deck out a room in a revolutionary and desirable style from one of today’s cutting edge furniture companies, then look up HOOKLundSTOOL furniture and prepare to be delightfully challenged as to how sustainable wood and modern materials can be combined to great effect.