Are you sitting comfortably?

The human body is a remarkable combination of brain and machine. Since the dawn of time, we have designed equipment to allow the body to rest, recline, climb, sleep, relax, and just sit. Sitting is probably the standard rest position of choice for us except when going to sleep. Over the centuries furniture manufacturers have laboured long and hard to produce sofas, chairs, chaise –longs and similar to provide us with both style and comfort when we sit. While a nice comfy sofa is undoubtedly the most common piece de resistance in the sitting room, I would argue that there is now something more desirable, more comfortable, and with more pizazz to be the focus of your relaxation. This is the Natuzzi Re-Vive reclining chair.
Recliners have of course been around for many decades, but the Re-Vive is truly ground-breaking: Traditional recliners are operated with lever mechanisms. Natuzzi set out to change that and design a recliner that intuitively responds to the body’s movement. The idea behind this is that we don’t sit still, even when we are relaxing. We move, a little, sometimes a lot, as our bodies contort and slide into ever more comfortable positions. Re-Vive moves as you move, it flexes as you adjust, and therefore provides a seamless transition between your body’s sitting/reclining positions. And not a computer in sight!
A world first, the performance recliner was displayed at the end of last year in Milan. It was created in collaboration with award winning New Zealand furniture design studio, Formway, who specialise in ergonomic technology used in the workplace. La-Z-Boy was the inventor of the original recliner chair nearly a century ago. It was in need of a technology and style refresh. Not so much innovation as a revolution; no less than 124 separate elements, two of which are patented, combine to create a supportive ‘vertebrae’ that behaves three-dimensionally with the sitter. This vertebra uses Natuzzi’s Responsive Recline feature of weight compensation along with a 360 degree movement pivot in the base, and a tilting ottoman. Basically, you move and the chair will follow.
To develop this skeletal support, the company engaged in a lengthy research period of nearly three years, interviewing people to find out how they use their lounge environments. This was followed with the installation of video cameras in homes to see how people moved when seated. In other words how they interfaced with their furniture, and how they changed their positions over the period of sitting. The results led to the creation of two chairs, the King and the Queen. This was because women moved more often and in different ways in their chairs, and were more inclined to “curl up” than men.
The chair’s semi-sentient intelligent technology also means that it can ‘evolve’ to meet the needs of its user. Indeed you can grow old with this recliner! Many older people cannot (or don’t want to) reach down for levers and buttons on a recliner. With this chair that’s no problem. It responds to your movements- like a faithful friend dedicated to your comfort!
Re-vive is available in two sizes and four upholstery designs; each tailored in quality Italian leather, in a range of contemporary colours.