Looks achieved by a tussar silk saree

A tussar silk saree is a type of silk saree. It is produced by a particular type of larvae and hence has its name. the silkworms that create this type of silk are found in the forests of South Asia. The silkworm usually eats the leaves of the tree they live on. Tussar silk has a rich texture and a gold colour that is very deep naturally. This silk is artificially produced in countries like India, China, Srilanka and Japan. The cocoons of the silkworm are dried in the sun in order to kill the larvae. The other method is to allow the silkworms to naturally leave the cocoon after which they are immersed in boiling water. Once the silk is softened it is reeled. Tussar silk sarees are loved by people for the grand look they provide. People buy tussar silk sarees online when they are too busy to go shop for them. This gives the opportunity of enjoying the experience of shopping without having to travel in a crowded day. The quality of the sarees sold are superior and the online stores are ready to exchange the product if the customer is not happy with the product he/she has received.